Ha Noi 1985-2015, In the years of forgetting


Manzi Art Cafe – 14 Phan Huy Ích, Ba Đình, Hà Nội


26.04 – 20.05.2023


26.04.2023 | 18:00

* Free entrance


18 street life photos taken from 1985-2015 by William Crawford

William Crawford was one of the first photographers to gain access to postwar Vietnam in 1985, and he continued to return at regular intervals for over 30 years. As an American witnessing the devastation and sorrow of war, he was compelled to show the humanity that coexists with deep suffering. Sensitive to the subtle nuances of everyday life and the customs of the people in this exotic land, he documented the daily life of the Vietnamese as it evolved over three decades.

This unfolding of 18 street life photos will be exhibited as a journal of time passing in the Manzi Art Space. Viewers will see the country as it emerges from a collective subsidized economy of limited goods and services to one of the most successful economies in SE Asia. 

Housed in an old French villa, the gallery space replicates the Vietnamese’s everyday life in the modern-day context, emerging from the past and plunging into modernity, another visual and physical manifestation of life evolving in the old quarter of Hanoi.


William Crawford


Suzanne Lecht & Trâm Vũ