Grace and strength – restitution of a photographic residency


15 Thiền Quang, Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội


18.05 – 18.07.2023

* Free entrance


18.05.2023 – 19:00


Philippe Marinig is not a sports photographer. His matter is elsewhere. Intrigued by the formal, aesthetic and spiritual similarities of many martial arts, Marinig seeks to understand the deep links that could exist between practices that seem a priori distant. The visitor is seized by the power released by the bodies, in these choreographies crystallised by the lens of the photographer. As he progresses in the observation of the works, the feeling grows that the true force of the subjects is suggested rather than shown.

Marinig captured the grace and the strength of young Võ practitioners, as they proudly demonstrated their skills with traditional weaponry and martial postures.

This exhibition offers the visitor a stage of restitution of the work he started in 2019 and continues to pursue, in preparation for a more accomplished exhibition to come which will constitute a collection of images revealing strong and unexpected links between cultures and men that everything seems to oppose, imposing a universal reading of practices, preparatory rituals, pageantry and gestures through their spiritual and cosmogonic dimensions.

During the inauguration ceremony, experts in Võ cổ truyền Việt Nam will offer a demonstration.


Philippe Marinig