Fashion Photography


By the Hoan Kiem Lake


12.05 – 30.05.2023


12.05.2023 | 19:30

* Free entrance


The dazzling seashells on the beach are reminiscent of fashion. Yet, each shell is more than just a beautiful cover; they carry traces of sediment, revealing tales about the sea in which they were born and the current in which they grew up.

Fashion, like the seashell, is more than just an aesthetic outlook. Beyond the glitz and glam, fashion trends represent the evolution of history and society. They convey messages about the culture and material-spiritual values of generations across communities and countries.

The advent of photography popularises fashion on an unprecedented scale. These two types of art forms are inextricably linked throughout contemporary history. With the shift in the public’s perspective of fashion, fashion photography has been going beyond the framework of pure aesthetics to deconstruct public expressions, examine social trends, and bring attention to contemporary issues.

The Fashion Photography Exhibition, launched on the occasion of the Europe Village 2023, aims to celebrate new cultural movements and fashion trends happening worldwide by highlighting the diversity, originality, and depth of a highly mediatized genre of photography.


Esperanza Moya, Laurence Ellis, Yann Gross, Delali Ayivi, Chiron Dương, Hứa Như Xuân, Elodie Ledure, Bea De Giacomo, Zoltan Tombor, Mounir Raji


Mai Nguyên Anh & Chiron Dương