Punk Dragon: The time has come to rekindle the stars


Matca Space for Photography, 48 Ngoc Ha, Ba Dinh


13.05 – 29.05, 8:00 – 20:00


13.05, 18:00

* Free entrance, available in English & Vietnamese


There is a particular vitality present in Asian countries, linked to lifestyle transformation and an ‘everything is possible’ mindset. The creative duo Punk Dragon infuses this energy in its creative process to showcase Asian heritage and “kitsch” with a contemporary twist.

Punk Dragon sees beauty in the ordinary – street life, common objects and families eating together. Far from the usual Asia iconography, Punk Dragon’s artworks show daily life in a different perspective. Combining photography, design, and local craft, they open the door to the magic in everyday surroundings.

In their Storybox collection, each “box of stories” has its own soul and is unique in its slight imperfections. The story is told through cut-outs and superposed pictures. Each Storybox can unveil one’s own personal and emotional story through visual memories and the poetic title “I come from…”.

For this exhibition, Punk Dragon chose the stars as an emblem. Illuminating the night sky shared by humankind. Illustrating Vietnam’s unity on the country’s flag. Symbolizing the joy of Christmas. Where the dreamer’s mind wanders. The ones in the eyes of kids at bedtime stories. Or the star that we wish upon and watches over us.

The time has come to rekindle the stars is about hope, dreams, and inspiration. The occasion to pause
for an instant, escape from reality, and reflect on daily life’s enchantment.


At the start we were seeking for a nonconformist, yet universal image and the name “Punk Dragon” came naturally. Both words are strong and highlighting a “be yourself” message in a globalized world where everyone should be proud of their own culture and heritage.